Adam Robinson



Adam is a geeky guy who loves books and science! He wants to be a doctor just like his dad, and he loves studying at university, and gets pretty good grades. He is still trying to get used to girls showing so much interest in him, but.. he thinks he really likes it!


In the Sims 2, Adam really surprised me! I had always imagined him as a super geeky loner-type, but the girls loved him :lol: He always brought home girls from school, and at one point three girls got in a fight over him! :shock: So I thought it would be appropriate to give him the Charismatic and Great Kisser traits :kiss:

Adam was definitely the most difficult sim for me to transfer to Sims 3 – I just couldn’t get him right! But with this hair and that cheeky look in his eyes, I think I finally captured him alright :)


Age: Young adult (25)

Traits: Bookworm, neat, charismatic, great kisser, perfectionist

Job: Student: Master’s degree in Medicine

Zodiac: Pisces


Father: Seth Robinson

Mother: Chris Robinson

Siblings: Olivia, Alice

Other family: Erica, Shannon (cousins)

Best Friends: Naima, Nicholas, Tiberius

Partner: Poppy (girlfriend)

Romance history:

In his teen years, Adam became quite popular with the girls, but it wasn’t until Poppy that he finally asked someone to be his girlfriend :giveheart:

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