Alice Robinson



Alice is a free spirit! She does whatever she wants to, whenever she wants to. So far, it’s worked pretty well. Even though she only graduated as an architectural designer not that long ago, her career is off to a great start! She was hired to manage the renovation and whole new image of Bimlico’s new fancy restaurant M! She can’t wait to see what her next big job will be. She is very much into her career, so she’s a little worried that Mike wants to have kids right away. He did mention a second bedroom a few times when they renovated their townhouse…. But Alice doesn’t feel ready for that life yet, so that’s why she got Nero from the animal shelter – maybe, for the moment, Mike will find a dog enough…

Age: Young adult (26)

Traits: Artistic, photographer’s eye, charismatic, good sense of humour, eco-friendly

Job: Architectural designer

Zodiac: Sagittarius


Father: Seth Robinson

Mother: Chris Robinson

Siblings: Olivia, Adam

Other family: Erica, Shannon (cousins)

Best Friends: Willa Copur

Partner: Mike (boyfriend)

Romance history:

Dating was never very important to Alice. She never dreamt about getting married and having children like her sister. But the guys seemed to like her, and she was often asked out by guys when she was at university. With Mike, everything was a little different. When they first met, they immediately got along, but Alice didn’t really feel that way about him. She was even dating someone else at the time, but Mike was so persistent and she was eventually completely swept off her feet by his charm!

Pets: Nero


2 comments on “Alice Robinson
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    Awww, Alice is so gorgeous! you’re SO good at Simmaking, Sara-Love! I always think all my simmies look kinds same-ish. I can’t work with CAS at all. All the sliders, and they still look the same as the original EA face I started out with. :facepalm:

    What freckles did you use on Alice?

    I love Alice and Mike’s little lovestory!

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