Alicia Woods



Alicia doesn’t have a lot of friends. And for a good reason: She isn’t very nice! She always gets into arguments, and generally always annoys people. Children included. Which isn’t very fortunate for her daughter, Blake – who was an accident, by the way. Alicia never wanted to have kids, but Ron did, so… She mostly lets Ron take care of Blake. When Alicia fell pregnant, she dropped out of university, but she was planning on doing that anyway. School sucks!

Unlike her brother, Eric, she found it difficult to come to terms with being adopted, and especially after their mother left them. Maybe that’s what made her so angry?

Her passion is music, and she’s a mean bass player (see what I did there?). Her attitude isn’t helping her and Ron book jobs, though, so they often struggle with paying the bills…


Age: Young adult (30)

Traits: Artistic, hydrophobic, dislikes children, party animal, mean spirited

Job: In a band with Ron

Zodiac: Pisces


Father: Tom Woods (adopted) (TS2)

Mother: Julie Woods (adopted) (TS2)

Siblings: Eric

Children: Blake

Other family: Ben (cousin)

Best Friends: Ron

Partner: Ron (boyfriend)

Romance history:

Alicia dated Mike R when they were younger, but they didn’t really get along that well. Then she met Ron, and he seemed totally into her negative attitude :thumbs:

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