Amar Hayes



Amar doesn’t look much like his Hayes-siblings, does he? When he was a child, he was adopted by Mark and  Maria Hayes when they realised that they were too old to have more babies, and they still needed one more to fulfill their TS2-Life Time Wish of marrying off six children! Does that sound a little harsh? It wasn’t! They loved Amar just as much as their other children. And Amar loved them back!

Amar is a really good guy. He is a loving father and husband, and his students in high school like him too… Maybe because they quickly figured out that he was maybe a little too easy to please.


Age: Adult (49)

Traits: Bookworm, nurturing, clumsy, easily impressed, animal lover

Job: Education: High School Teacher

Zodiac: Scorpio


Father: Mark Hayes (TS2)

Mother: Maria Hayes (TS2)

Siblings: Samantha Hayes, Jenna Parker, Joshua Hayes, William Hayes, Jack Hayes

Children: Daria, Molly

Other family: A lot of nieces and nephews!

Best Friends: Lindsay Rudin

Partner: Melanie (married)

Romance history:

Amar was never very good with the girls when it came to romantic love. He’s always had many female friends, but the thought of anything other than friendship completely freaked him out! In high school, he shared his first kiss with his best friend Lindsay, but mostly so they wouldn’t go to uni “unkissed”. At uni, Amar had a few catastrophic dates, none of which led to his second kiss, but in his last year, he met Melanie, and with her, everything was different!

Pets: Babar

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