Amy Reeves


Amy is Jane‘s niece. She moved in with her aunt just after Henry was born, and was thus left with the old breakfast nook as her bedroom :lol:   Amy doesn’t mind, though. As long as she can have unlimited access to the gym, she’s happy. She didn’t have an easy upbringing. Both her parents are workaholic, children-dislikes surgeons, and Amy didn’t fit in with their plans, so she lived with her grandparents until they became too old to take care of her. Then she moved here to live with Jane. Now, she’s moved to university, and is loving the freedom of living alone.

Her ultimate dream is to become a superstar athlete so her parents might be just a little proud of her.


Age: Young adult (21)

Traits: Handy, athletic, commitment issues, kleptomaniac, frugal

Job: Sports science student at Bimlico University

Zodiac: Sagittarius


Father: Jason Reeves

Mother: Andrea Reeves

Other family: Jane (aunt), Eli (uncle), Henry (cousin), Dylan (cousin)

Best Friends: Selma Hayes, Ofelia Parker

Partner: single

Romance history:

Amy is currently flirting with Lilian!

Previous pictures 

Amy as a teen:


2 comments on “Amy Reeves
  1. Sandy says:

    She looks so innocent! :angel: Who would suspect her to be a klepto, huh? She seems such a perfect friend for Ofelia!!! I can’t wait for seeing them hanging out together! :girldance:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    AMY!!! I love Amy, even if she steals :giggle: She should probably not do that though ;)

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