Andrew Hayes



Andrew is passionate about two things: William and flowers! When he was younger, he thought he wanted to be a cool suit-wearing business man, so he studied business at university, but after he graduated, he found that he cared more about tending to plants and growing perfect orchids than making lots of money. All the business exams came in handy though as he decided to become a florist and start his own business!


Age: Adult (42)

Traits: Green thumb, neat, easily impressed, loves the outdoors, perfectionist

Job: Florist

Zodiac: Gemini


Father: Thomas Greene (TS2)

Mother: Jasmina Greene (TS2)

Siblings: Anthony Greene

Best Friends: Ben & Clara Woods

Partner: William (married)

Romance history: 

Just like William, Andrew didn’t always know he was gay. He was dating his best freind, Clara, in high school, but when they went to university, they agreed on going back to just being friends. That was perfect timing because Andrew had just met William, and felt attracted to him in a way he hadn’t felt attracted to anyone else before. He realised he was into guys, and he dated a few in university, but never anyone serious. A couple of years after he graduated, he was still thinking about William, so he gave him a call (even though he knew he was married), and the rest is history!

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