Anthony Greene



Anthony is a shy sim, who prefers to spend his time alone. Sometimes, he’ll go out for a drink with his buddies. When he was younger he had his heart broken, so he is particularly shy around girls.

He thought he wanted to be a teacher and even went to university, but he realised he just wasn’t cut out for the job of looking after young children after just a month’s work at the school. Instead he chose to become a firefighter ( :flirty: ). With this profession, he has plenty of opportunities to tinker and exercise, so he’s happy! And currently, he doesn’t have any colleagues either :pardon:


Age: Adult (40)

Traits: Handy, athletic, brave, shy, good

Job: Firefighter

Zodiac: Scorpio


Father: Thomas Greene (TS2)

Mother: Jasmina Greene (TS2)

Siblings: Andrew Hayes

Best Friends: James Reed, Mike Lewis

Partner: Maria (girlfriend)

Romance history:

Anthony has always been very shy, but he did have a serious relationship with a girl at university. He even asked her to marry him, but she declined, and he hasn’t had a serious relationship since then.

When he moved to Bimlico, he met Maria: his upstairs neighbour. Although it seems that the only thing they have in common is their shared love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, there was a spark between them. They finally shared a kiss and are now a couple.

One comment on “Anthony Greene
  1. Kate says:

    Haha, firefighter! :heybaby:
    O, poor guy! He deserves a nice girl who will heal his broken heart… :cry:
    But still, firefighter! :heartpump:

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