Ben Woods



Ben is the charming geek :nerd: He might be clumsy, but once he regains his balance, he gives the best kisses! Even though Clara wasn’t very excited about their third (very unexpected) pregnancy, Ben was secretly thrilled! He loves his kids, and wishes that he had the time and energy to take them camping every weekend!


Age: Adult (43)

Traits: Genius, clumsy, great kisser, family-oriented, angler

Job: Business: Department Head

Zodiac: Taurus


Father: Oliver Woods (TS2)

Mother: Anna Woods (TS2)

Siblings: Chloe Woods (TS2)

Children: Jasper, Jenny, Jonas

Other family: EricAlicia (cousins)

Best Friends: Andrew Hayes, Clara

Partner: Clara (married)

Romance history: Even though Clara was dating Andrew when they were all teens, Ben always had a secret crush on her :sigh: Maybe that’s why he never really had a serious relationship before?

Pets: Bubbles


Bonus picture

Here’s a picture of Ben in Sims 2!


Once a charmer, always a charmer?


3 comments on “Ben Woods
  1. LAURABCN says:

    No way! I have also a geek who is a great kisser in my town. :lol: Just of the silly teenager variety. Anyways. :P He looks like a very lovable dude, with his passion for children and all. :heart:

    • Sara says:

      Aaaaaw, I think most geeks are great kissers…. :heybaby: :nerd: …. :chuckle:

      Ben is such a charmer!! Ohh, wait, I should add a Sims 2 picture of him!!

  2. Sandy says:

    BEEEEEN! :grouphug2: Awww, how red-hair-with-glasses geeks are cute!!!! (at least in your game! :chuckle: ) I love that Sim 2 picture!!! :toofunny: It’s the perfect “geek in charmer mode” picture! :rofl:

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