Billy Morgan



Billy tries to be cool, but really he just wants people to like him. He ran away from his mom recently (they didn’t get along so well), so he turned to James, who used to take care of him when he was a baby. He was really lucky that James’ family took him in, and that his mother agreed to let him stay there. James and Julia gave him his own room and everything! Still, he’s a little afraid that he’s intruding, so sometimes, he surprises everyone with a nice dinner (he actually really enjoys helping out in the kitchen), or with doing the laundry.


Age: Teen (17)

Traits: Natural cook, coward, commitment issues, flirty

Job: Student in high school

Zodiac: Taurus


Father: ?

Mother: Carrie Morgan

Best Friends: Seth Day

Partner: Camille (girlfriend)

Romance history:

Billy likes to boast that he’s had many girlfriends already where he lived before, but in truth, he hasn’t even kissed a girl yet…

He thinks he might want to kiss Camille :blush: — And in December, year 2, he finally did (read about it here)! Now they’re a couple.

One comment on “Billy Morgan
  1. Sandy says:

    AW, YES! I love this story! :heart: It’s typical of your neighborhood! Big families with crazyly cute stories behind! Adopted by his baby-sitter!!! :tearyeyes: :sigh:
    Awww….. :friends:

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