Blake Woods-Adams


Although growing up has been tough for her, Blake is never one to complain! Maybe because she doesn’t know better… She knows that her parents are always busy trying to find jobs, and that means that they are out very late many nights :nods: So she helps them do home jobs, like cleaning and ordering take-out. She also knows that once they have enough money, the will move to a big house where she can have her own room (like her best friend Remy’s), and maybe also a pet!! Blake likes dogs. She sometimes goes to her parents’ friend Maria’s house, and she has some funny dogs! Blake also likes photography since Maria got her a camera for her last birthday!

Blake now lives with Maria, since her parents realised that they would never make enough money to get a place where Blake could have her own room. Now, she lives in Maria’s walk-in closet with Boulette the dog. And that’s awesome! :yahoo:

Age: Child (9)

Traits: Photographer’s eye, unlucky, good sense of humor

Job: Student in school

Zodiac: Scorpio


Father: Ron Adams

Mother: Alicia Woods

Other family: Eric (uncle)

Best Friends: Remy Wang-Lewis

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