Bruce Wayne the Great Dane


Maria’s loyal friend. Despite his friendly nature, other sims often feel a little nervous around Bruce Wayne (something that Maria is completely oblivious to). Maybe it’s because of his size, or because he likes to run towards/after other sims – only to say “hi”, of course!

During Bruce’s travels with Maria’s band, he made some acquaintences. In Sandy Valley, he met the Beautiful Belle, and together they had a bunch of weird-looking puppies!


Age: Adult (4)

Traits: Friendly, clueless, lazy

Owner: Maria Hayes

Partner: Belle (Baby mama/Summer romance – Sandy Valley)

Children: Croquette, Pantoufle, Boulette, Trognon

2 comments on “Bruce Wayne the Great Dane
  1. Sandy says:

    Most famous Sim dog ever. :nod: Bruce is born to be a star. I wonder if Maria couldn’t be jealous… :hmm:

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