Bubbles is the Woods’ family’s new cat! Ben and Jasper decided one day that the family should have a cat, so they brought Bubbles home. Everyone held their breath while Bubs and Clara were introduced….  A huge sigh of relief was heard when Clara accepted the new family memeber. Actually, Clara and Bubs get on really well! Maybe it’s because they’re actually very much alike :giggle:


Age: Adult (2)

Traits: Proud, non-destructive, independent

Owner: The Woods Family

2 comments on “Bubbles
  1. LAURABCN says:

    Bubbles is sooo cute! :heartpump: (And a name I give to fish but oh well :cheeky: ). I love that proud pose. :chuckle:

  2. Sandy says:

    OMG, I died of cuteness overload here! :heart: The “Proud” picture is indeed priceless! :lol:
    (and yes, I’m stalking Laura! She finds pages I haven’t visited yet! :p )

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