Camille Morin



Camille is the typical teenage girl. She can spend hours in front of the mirror, and in her opinion, shopping is a valid hobby! :nod: She doesn’t really understand her brother’s obsession with geeky stuff, but she loves him anyway. And she’s so happy to have a little sister that she can take care of. Although Camille might look very innocent, she won’t think twice about sneaking out of the house if there’s somewhere she needs to be!


Age: Teen (16)

Traits: Nurturing, neat, schmoozer, party-animal

Job: Student in high school

Zodiac: Virgo


Father: Sebastien Morin (TS2)

Mother: Julia Morin

Siblings: Etienne (twin), Justine (half-sister)

Other family: MayaAva (aunts), Oscar (uncle), Porter & PortiaLucas (cousins)

Best Friends: Molly Hayes, Joseph Rudin

Partner: Billy (boyfriend)

Romance history:

Camille has only told Molly about this, but she thinks that Billy is H-O-T! :heat: — In December, year 2, Camille and Billy finally kissed, and Camille even got her mother’s blessing (read about it here)! Now, they’re together – FOREVER!


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  1. Sandy says:

    Aww, how adorable is she!!! :heart: :heart: A schmoozer, with this angel’s face? But like for Amy, one would give her anything she wants! How would it be possible to resist? :pardon: (OK, Amy wouldn’t ask! :giggle: )

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