Carmela Rossi


Carmela loves her cats!! And zebra-prints! And spray tans!


Insane, cat person, loves the heat, dramatic, star quality

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10 comments on “Carmela Rossi
  1. Sandy says:

    :rofl: She’s definitively a friend for Carmen! Her traits are a bomb to play with! :lol:
    :ninja: (<– replaces :kaboom: )

  2. Laurabcn says:

    Oh my gosh, what a CLASSY lady! :heart: Most people don’t know that animal print all the way is the best for sophistication, but seems Carmela does! :cheeky: Do her cats have as much style as her?

    • Sara says:

      OF COURSE they do! How can you ask such a question? Pffftt! And yes, animal print is the best way to showcase your class and style. Fashion 101!


  3. WebbyMOm says:

    Oh now THERE is a character! :toofunny:

  4. Sophie says:

    I love her Caravan! :sigh: And looking at her traits, she should be a hard-to-get-along-with lady, wow. :giggle:

  5. Kim(mi) says:

    Carmela!!! :wave: How lovely and TACKI you are!! Sandy, did you mean my Carmen? Because YES, I can totally see that! :rofl: Carmen and Carmela! These two are MEANT to be best friends! When can they meet? :popcorn:

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