Charles Day


Charles used to be “Prof. Charles” in my Sims 2 game since he was a professor at university for many years. Yes, that was his actual first name. But recently, he got the job as the high school principal instead, because after moving to this new TS3-town, he can no longer be a professor. He really likes this new job though! He is so proud to see his two sons grow up, but sometimes he feels a bit like an old dad. They listen to strange music that he finds difficult to relate to, and the boys don’t really value the same things as he did when he was young. Charles is really happy to have moved out of Mia’s apartment – mostly because he can now have a fancy car!!


Age: Adult (63)

Traits: Genius, bookworm, friendly, flirty, vehicle enthusiast

Job: Education: High school principal

Zodiac: Sagittarius


Children: Seth & Silas

Best Friends: Matthew Parker

Partner: Mia (married)

Romance history: Although Charles isn’t one to boast about his romantic past, everyone sort of gets the sense that he used to be a real charmer (someone once overheard someone mentioning something about Charles having been married before… what, more than once??). Charles is just happy to be married to (maybe) the love of his life! :P He’s a real gentleman and tries to teach his sons to always show good manners and be polite around females. He’s not sure they’re always listening.

5 comments on “Charles Day
  1. Sandy says:

    Prof Charles!!!! :grouphug2: Aw, I have a secret crush on him. :heart: (but I so love his wife too… :sigh: :chuckle: )
    Can he go back to his university career with Uni?

    • Sara says:

      I don’t know! I haven’t explored that, but he would have to be an NPCs-type sim then, I guess.. Maybe I’ll put a School RH rug somewhere in the University JUST for Charles. He deserves to get his title back, right?

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    I don’t think University came with professor jobs, did it? I love seeing professor Charles again too though! :giggle: at the secret romantic past. ;)

    • Sara says:

      :giggle: He’s a little mysterious, this Prof. Charles! Who knows what went on in his life as a Sim2 professor-NPC??

      I’m thinking that putting a School RH rug somewhere at my university will let Charles be Professor Charles again. He will have no students, but ahhh well!!

  3. Kate says:

    Oh, naughty, naughty prof. Charles! Having a love affair with your student? :rubeyes: What a scandal! :chuckle:

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