Clara Woods



Clara has a temper! She loves her kids, but she has a tendency to boss them around. The two oldest have chores, and are expected to help around the house. She is also quite loud in the bedroom – she snores a lot!! :chuckle: Of course, she won’t admit it (You said I did WHAT?! :punish: ). And ohhh, the tantrums she threw when she first found out she was having a third baby!! ( :hmm: Wait, maybe that was the Controller? :pardon: )… At the (TS2) time, the family was living in a two-bedroom apartment, and had already had to give up their dining room to be a bedroom for their daughter, Jenny. Now they’ve moved into a (TS3) house :girldance: But wait :shock: Only three bedrooms?! :facepalm: Thankfully, the house has a dining room for Jenny :lol:


Age: Adult (44)

Traits: Bookworm, heavy sleeper, neat, friendly, hot-headed

Job: Journalism: Automated Spell-Checker Checker

Zodiac: Scorpio


Father: Matthew Parker

Mother: Lisa Brown (Ts2)

Siblings: Sophia, Lucia, Ofelia (half-sisters), Allison (half-sister TS2)

Children: JasperJennyJonas

Other family: Madeleine (niece)

Best Friends: Maya Fox, Andrew HayesBen

Partner: Ben (married)

Romance history: 

Clara’s romantic life has been a complicated love triangle! First, she was dating Andrew, but then in university, she fell in love with Ben – the third person in their best-friends-forever-trio. Andrew was okay with it, though: He’d discovered he was gay! So, they all stayed BFFs :lol:

Pets: Bubbles

3 comments on “Clara Woods
  1. LAURABCN says:

    :lol: Her love life. At least it ended well at the end…
    I loved her bio! It’s hilarious! :rofl: You know, the neat-hot-headed combination is one that I haven’t tried yet. A luck she’s also friendly (and I could see that from her big smile in the pic! :heart: :wave:)…

  2. Sandy says:

    The whole Woods household must be such a treat to play with!! :toofunny: Clara, Jenny, Jasper…. That’s just… :ninja:
    Have you already played them for good in their Sims 3 reincarnations? :popcorn:

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