Daria Hayes



Daria loves to have fun! Sometimes that means getting into trouble with her best friends, Silas and Etienne, but other times, it just means that she’s the one to come up with ideas for fun stuff to do with the other teens in town. Her biggest interest is comic books, and she would really like to become a cool superhero!!


Age: Teen (18)

Traits: Absent-minded, handy, brave, friendly

Job: Student in high school

Zodiac: Pisces


Father: Amar Hayes

Mother: Melanie Hayes

Siblings: Molly

Other family: Lots of uncles and aunts and cousins! Most important are her peers: Ofelia and Selma (and I guess Etienne is her.. second cousin.)

Best Friends: Silas Day, Etienne Morin

Partner: :hmm: Seth (boyfriend)

Romance history:

Daria is such a tomboy, which has proved a little difficult when she started getting interested in boys. Mainly Billy… who seems to prefer a more girly girl :(

When it became clear to her that Billy only wanted to be her friend, Daria was really sad :cry: But then, another boy started to show interest in her… Seth?! :scratch: Well, Daria guesses he’s her type: sporty, funny…. :dunno: So, she let him kiss her! Read about that here.

Pets: Winston



Bonus Pictures


Daria in her last seconds as a child in Sims 2!


8 comments on “Daria Hayes
  1. Kate says:

    Daria seems to be such a funny Simmie! And I think I’ve just found inspiration for a new citizen in my town :blush: May I?

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, Kate! I really need to update Daria’s picture, huh?

      And of course you may!! :hugs: I am so happy to give you some inspiration! :yahoo:

  2. Kate says:

    PICTUUURES!!! :yahoo: Oh, I love this girl! I see her as a kind of a “hoyden” :giggle: And this tousled hirdo! :heartpump: Oh, I’m in love! I want to have a girl like her in my town :P

    • Sara says:

      These pictures are posted especially for you, my dear :kiss:
      Daria is definitely a hoyden (I have never heard that word before, but it means the same as “tomboy”!). I’m so happy you like her :friends:

  3. Sandy says:

    Awww, Daria!! I love that girl! And it’s amazing how you managed to redo her in the Sims 3! :sigh:
    I’m so impatient to see you playing with your teens! GO AND PLAY! :giggle:

    • Sara says:

      :friends: Thank you!

      I think Daria has to be one of the best recreations for Sims 3 I did! The hair makes a huge difference, but I captured the Daria “essence” with her :) Which is great, because I love her too!! :giggle:

  4. Lea says:

    Daria has quite a great character!Love her hairdo :confetti:

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