Dylan Price



Dylan is a popular young sim! He has a lot of friends, and has always been popular with the ladies. He’s an outdoor sim, who loves nature and especially the water! He works as an “Aquatic ecosystem tweaker” ( :dunno: ), but he dreams of a career within marine biology. He could spend all his time fishing and studying the marine life! At university, he spent all his time partying… maybe a little bit too much, because now that he’s older, he really appreciates a quiet life and feels like he’s ready for something more serious. He has been in love with Erica for quite some time, and all he wants is to be a family with her and Vincent! His dream has totally come true :heartpump:


Age: Young adult (33)

Traits: Nurturing, brave, great kisser, loves the outdoors, angler

Job: Science: Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker

Zodiac: Aries


Father: ?

Mother: Jamie Price (he was adopted) (TS2)

Children: Quentin

Other family: Jane (aunt), Amy , Henry (cousins)

Best Friends: Gabriel, Erica

Partner: Erica

Romance history:

In university, Dylan dated Madeleine, but where he spent all his time partying, she was always lost in a book, so it didn’t really work out. But that was okay, because he always met so many girls at those parties! He also used to secretly see Maria, but that was just for fun…

Now, he is ready to settle down with Erica and be a family.

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