Eli Barton



Eli is passionate about his music, and plays his drums as often as possible! But he is also extremely lazy, so his dreams of becoming a rock star looks likely to stay a dream since he can’t really be bothered to do something about it… Sometimes, reality hits him and he has a meltdown, but then he’s lucky to have Jane there to calm him down.


Age: Adult (51)

Traits: Artistic, couch potato, slob, charismatic, hot-headed

Job: Education: Music teacher at Bimlico School

Zodiac: Leo


Children: Henry

Best Friends: Marcel Laurent

Partner: Jane (married)

Romance history: Eli was pretty popular at university simply because girls likes dudes who are in rock bands! When the band split up in his senior year he had thankfully already met Jane, or then he might have had to actually go out and look for a girlfriend. Which would be soooo much work. And boring too.

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  1. Kim(mi) says:

    Oh Eli, you won’t make it being lazy! But hey, a guy can dream, right ;)

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