Eric Woods



Eric is a pretty easy-going sim, but he’s a little difficult to impress. He can seem a bit reserved, and he takes a little while to warm up to people. He loves to spend time gardening or cooking, and he recently took up martial arts too. But his biggest passion is inventing! Even though he might sometimes get a little too lost in explaining in great detail about some gizmo he created, it’s difficult not to like him anyway. He’s just that nice.

He tries to stay away from drama, but it somehow always seem to find him. Like when he first met Willa, and fell so head-over-heels in love with her that he had to break off his engagement to Olivia rather… abruptly. And now it turns out that the house he and Willa just bought is right next to Olivia‘s house! He really didn’t know!! He hopes it won’t cause any problems…


You can read about Eric and Willa’s visit to the Sandy Valley Dance Festival right here! :yahoo:


Age: Young Adult (31)

Traits: Eccentric, charismatic, friendly, family-oriented, vegetarian

Job: Inventor

Zodiac: Virgo


Father: Tom Woods (adopted) (TS2)

Mother: Julie Woods (adopted) (Ts2)

Siblings: Alicia

Children: Rio

Other family: Ben (cousin)

Best Friends: Mike R

Partner: Willa (girlfriend)

Romance history:

Eric started dating Olivia when they were teens, and he really thought they were meant to be. So while they were at university, he asked her to marry him! But when he met Willa, he knew he wasn’t supposed to be with Olivia after all, and they had a pretty bad break-up. But in Willa, he has found his soulmate!

Pets: Misha

2 comments on “Eric Woods
  1. Sandy says:

    “Little difficult to impress”, oh YES! *lol* I’m still laughing when I think he was going back home as soon as he put a foot at the dance festival! But he’s soooo in love with Willa, that’s so cute! I’ve also really enjoyed how he was always doing stuff on his own! Ah, this guy has some personality! ;)

    • Sara says:

      :lol: Well, I had to change his bio after his visit in Sandy Valley! Before I had written “friends with everyone” – ehhhh, not so much!! :toofunny:

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