Erica Livingston


Erica has been pretty unlucky in her adult life! She was dumped on her wedding day, and had to move in with her cousin with her newborn son. She hopes that her luck is changing now that she has her own house where Vincent can have his own room, and she has become friends with her ex, Gabriel, again. She only wants the best for her son, and she worries for him a lot.

Things are definitely looking brighter for Erica. She is in love with Dylan and starting a family with him :heartpump:

… Let’s just hope her heart doesn’t beat for Gabriel any longer!


Age: Young adult (31)

Traits: Neurotic, unlucky, easily impressed, hopeless romantic, over-emotional

Job: Business: Filing clerk

Zodiac: Pisces


Father: Alan Livingston

Mother: Rachel Livingston

Siblings: Shannon Livingston

Children: Vincent, Quentin

Other family: Olivia, Alice, Adam (cousins)

Best Friends: Olivia, MariaDylan

Partner: Dylan

Romance history:

Erica and Gabriel grew up in the same street, right next to each other, and when they became teenagers, they fell in love. They stayed together all through university as well, and when Erica graduated, she moved in with Gabriel and soon became pregnant. They threw a quick wedding, but then the drama began! There Erica was in her wedding gown with a huge baby bump, but where was Gabriel?? Apparently he had changed his mind, and left Erica heartbroken. They have become friends again, but Erica still doesn’t feel ready to start dating someone new.

… Until she realised how her best friend, Dylan, was actually more than a friend! She’s totally in love with him now. Read about how that happened, right here.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Awww! :tearyeyes: She still has a crush on Gabriel, huh? Beind dumped like that on her wedding day, while she was pregnant! :cry:

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