Etienne Morin



Etienne is one of those teens who actually enjoy doing homework! He loves books, and it doesn’t really matter whether they’re about math or Simlish literature. His favourite books are comics, though; a passion he shares with his best friends! But maybe even more so than comic books, he loves nature! Going for walks, studying the wildlife, hunting for bugs, fishing, and camping make Etienne feel at home.


Age: Teen (16)

Traits: Bookworm, charismatic, loves the outdoors, animal lover

Job: Student in high school

Zodiac: Virgo


Father: Sebastien Morin (TS2)

Mother: Julia Morin

Siblings: Camille (twin), Justine (half-sister)

Other family: Maya, Ava (aunts), Oscar (uncle), Porter & Portia, Lucas (cousins)

Best Friends: Silas Day, Daria Hayes

Partner: Marcie (girlfriend)

Romance history:

Etienne recently developed a little crush on Marcie  :popcorn:

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