Evan Harrison


Evan’s passion in life is art. Although his personal artistic skills are more within photography, his main interest is paintings, which is why he was excited to get the opportunity to start his own gallery in Bimlico. Also, his sister, Mia Day, lives in Bimlico, so now their teenage children go to school together!

Age: Adult (47)

Traits: Ambitious, avant garde, light sleeper, loner, photographer’s eye

Job: Owns the Canal Art Gallery (art appraiser)

Zodiac: Aquarius


Siblings: Mia Day

Children: Malcolm, Miles, Marcie

Other family: Seth, Silas (nephews)

Romance history:

Tracy, the mother of his children, was the love of Evan’s life! Although the two were each other’s complete opposite, together, they just made sense! Tracy was outgoing, charming and funny, and she didn’t care one bit about art! She was all about sports – something Evan still hasn’t quite understood!
Unfortunately, Tracy passed away many years ago.

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