Fred Marlin


Fred is an artist who spends all his time painting! Sometimes, he completely forgets all about time, meals, appointments, and to pick up his kids! He takes pride in his home, so when he’s not painting, you’ll often find him cleaning (You just get the best creative ideas while doing the dishes!). Fred is also a bit of a frail thing. In the Sims 2, Fred was always sunburnt, and always had a cold :facepalm:


Age: Adult (45)

Traits: Artistic, absent-minded, neat, loner, perfectionist

Job: Self-employed: Artist

Zodiac: Aquarius


Children: Porter, Portia

Best Friends: Jack Hayes

Partner: Maya (married)

Romance history:

Fred met Maya at university and immediately fell in love with her. Instead of sweeping her off her feet, Fred took on the role as “best friend”… For year, he was a shoulder to cry on when Maya had boyfriend problems. But one day they were having dinner and threw a little food around (a TS2 classic :sigh: ), and just like that, Maya was in love with Fred too!

Pets: Pongo


Bonus Pictures


Here are a few pictures of Fred’s Sims 2 self:

FredTS2.1 FredTS2.2 FredTS2.3

Poor Fred! :hugs:

Permanently sunburnt…

And at Jonas Woods‘ birth, he was so unlucky to both get Maya‘s head stuck in his back, and Ben‘s arm through his chest :sigh2:


4 comments on “Fred Marlin
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    FRED! I remember his TS2 pictures. Awwww, I wonder if he will still get sunburnt as easily in TS3!

  2. Sandy says:

    Aw, yes, Fred and his legendary sunburn! I wish we had a trait like that! I don’t think Sims who have the “likes cold” trait get burnt more easily, but that would be cool! (if I can say! :chuckle: ) Moreover, as he gets colds, I’m not sure he really likes cold neither… :pardon:
    Anyway. :heartpump:

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