Gabriel Jones


Gabriel loves cars and motorcycles, and his job as a patrol officer! He spends a lot of his free time tinkering and enjoys going for a ride on his MC. He’s a good guy, but has a bit of a reputation after ditching ex-girlfriend, and mother of his son, at the their wedding. He doesn’t regret his decision, only that he doesn’t get to spend as much time with his son as he would wish. Everyone’s good friends again, and Gabriel often hangs out at Erica’s place.



Age: Young Adult (32)

Traits: Handy, can’t stand art, athletic, commitment issues, vehicle enthusiast

Job: Law enforcement: Patrol officer

Zodiac: Capricorn


Mothers: Sally & Louise Jones (TS2)

Children: Vincent

Best Friends: Dylan Price

Partner: single

Romance history:

Gabriel was in a longterm relationship with Erica Livingston, his childhood next-door neighbour, all through high school and university. Everyone thought they were the perfect couple, and when Erica became pregnant, Gabriel felt it was his duty to propose to her. He couldn’t go through with the wedding, and the couple split up. He had one serious girlfriend after that, but she turned out to be a little bit crazy, so for now, he’s enjoying being single.

2 comments on “Gabriel Jones
  1. Sandy says:

    Commitment issues! :nah: That’s not an excuse to drop your future wife with her baby on wedding day! :mad:
    But, OK… You look cool. :waiting:

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