Hannah Brown



Hannah works as a doctor just like the rest of her family has done for generations. She is a bit of a snob, and really didn’t approve when her son chose to become a chef and go to culinary school instead of studying medicine. Today, their relationship is better, and Hannah loves to spend time with her granddaughter (maybe she’ll want to carry on the family tradition and become a doctor!).

Before Hannah met Ray, she wouldn’t be caught dead in a bar or pub, but Ray’s showed her that one can in fact have a good time other places than the opera (who knew, right?).



Age: Elder (69)

Traits: Natural cook, neat, friendly, snob, family-oriented

Job: Medical: Resident – at the Clinic

Zodiac: Leo


Siblings: Alex Reed (TS2)

Children: Jesse Lewis (TS2), Mike Lewis

Other family: Remy (granddaughter), James (nephew), Penny (niece)

Best Friends: Ray

Partner: Ray (married)

Romance history:

Hannah got married to fellow doctor, Christian Lewis, right after she graduated from university. They were the perfect match with the same ambitions and the same personalities. But as they grew older and their sons became adults and moved away from home, they found that their careers were the only thing they had in common. When Hannah started talking more and more with the next-door neighbour, she realised that she wanted love and not prestige, so she divorced Christian and started a relationship with Ray :heart:

Pets: Betty

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  1. Kim(mi) says:

    :sigh: Another cute love story :) (Although I imagine it wasn’t too good for Christian… ;) ) Sometimes what you need is not someone who’s similar, but someone who’s opposite instead!

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