Henry Barton



Henry is a funny boy who looks so much up his dad. He really wants to be as good as him at playing the drums one day! At one point, he really wanted a dog, but you have to walk dogs, like all the time, so now he really wants a snake! Snakes are cool!!!


Age: Child (10)

Traits: Virtuoso, couch potato, good sense of humor

Job: Student in Bimlico school

Zodiac: Gemini


Father: Eli Barton

Mother: Jane Barton

Other family: Amy (cousin)

Best Friends: Porter Marlin, Jasper Woods

One comment on “Henry Barton
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    :giggle: Aww, such a cute little lazy boy! I love how he looks up to his dad, but at the same time is just as much a couch potato as dad is!

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