Jack Hayes



Jack is a goofy dude, who loves to tell stories and makes pranks… Yes, sometimes, you’d think he was 15, not 47! His favourite pastime is beating Celia at video games!


Age: Adult (47)

Traits: Artistic, computer whiz, great kisser, good sense of humor, daredevil

Job: Law Enforcement: Wiretap Reader

Zodiac: Leo


Father: Mark Hayes (TS2)

Mother: Maria Hayes (TS2)

Siblings: Samantha HayesJoshua HayesJenna Parker, Amar HayesWilliam Hayes (twin)

Children: Celia

Other family: So many nieces and nephews! Selma, for instance

Best Friends: Fred Marlin

Partner: Tyla (married)

Romance history:

Jack dated Lisa Wang for more than 10 years, but they were never really serious about their relationship, and never moved in together either. They broke up when Jack realised he had feelings for Tyla. They remain very close friends.

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