Jacob Mercer


Jacob recently moved to Bimlico from Appaloosa Plains, because he got the opportunity to finish his training within psychology here. He also hear many good things about the school in Bimlico, which is important since his daughter Sienna is ready to start school.

Jacob is a nice guy, who likes to help other people. He hopes to find good friends in Bimlico. He can see himself settling down here!


Age: Young adult (34)

Traits: Nurturing, ambitious, friendly, frugal, good

Job: Psychologist: Psychology intern (custom career by Missy Hissy)

Zodiac: Aries


Children: Sienna

Partner: Lucia (girlfriend)

Romance history:

Jacob was very much in love with Sienna’s mother Amanda, but she passed away when Sienna was born. He dated a little bit back in Appaloosa Plains, but never anything serious. He didn’t expect to find love in Bimlico, but then he met Lucia (read about that here).

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