James Reed



James is a very likeable guy, whose cheerful attitude makes him a great friend, and a wonderful father! He is also very romantic, and always dreamt that he’d end up with Julia. But dreaming about things doesn’t mean they come true, and James was always too scared to tell Julia about his feelings. But after so many years, they are finally together, and even though it’s not quite as picture-perfect as he always dreamt of, he couldn’t be happier!

When James finished university, he moved into a shared apartment with a woman, who then became pregnant with some random townie’s baby. A few months after having the baby, she asked James to babysit… It turned out that she had gone traveling, and apparently it was a very long trip, because she didn’t return for three years! She did so with a rich husband, and they took little Billy with them :( James was very sad since he’d raised the little boy, and he didn’t have much contact with him since, so he did not hesitate to welcome Billy into his family when he showed up on his doorstep 10 years later.


Age: Adult (40)

Traits: Artistic, coward, good sense of humor, hopeless romantic, family-oriented

Job: Self-employed artist

Zodiac: Taurus


Father: Alex Reed (TS2)

Mother: Nancy Monif (TS2)

Siblings: Penny Laurent

Children: Justine

Other family: Hannah (aunt), Mike (cousin), Park & Moon (nieces)

Best Friends: Mike Lewis, Anthony Greene

Partner: Julia (married)

Romance history:

James has been in love with Julia since high school, but she was so popular, and he so wasn’t! He dated a few girls at university, but he always knew that Julia was his soulmate. He was so happy when she returned to Bimlico after her divorce ( :yahoo: ) – and she even started talking to him first!!

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