Jane Barton



Jane has always dreamt of becoming an actress! She has been really lucky to land a few roles, but that seems to be where her luck ends. She is pretty oblivious to the fact that the big breakthrough she’s still waiting for is just never going to happen.


Age: Adult (50)

Traits: Absent-minded, unlucky, charismatic, easily-impressed, vegetarian

Job: Film: Background extra

Zodiac: Aries


Mothers: Joanna & Naomi Price (TS2)

Siblings: Jamie Price (TS2), Andrea Reeves

Children: Henry Barton

Other family: Amy (niece), Dylan (nephew)

Best Friends: Lisa Wang, Tyla Hayes

Partner: Eli Barton (married)

Romance history: Until Jane first laid eyes on Eli, she thought she’d been in love tons of times before. But with Eli, everything was different! She met him while at university, which gave her plenty of time to follow him around everywhere! she followed him to classes, around campus, to all his concert gigs of course… She missed a lot of acting classes because of this “hobby”, but she didn’t really need those classes anyway. After a year of stalki…. following Eli around, he finally noticed her, and they’ve been together ever since!

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  1. Kim(mi) says:

    Awww, Jane might be unlucky, she still managed to end up with her true love, so she must have SOME luck!

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