Jenna Parker


Jenna is an active sim, who loves her job in law enforcement – it gives her plenty of opportunity to work out! She can very bossy due to her competitive and ambitious nature. She never thought she’d have a big family, but with Matthew it just made sense :heart: She loves her three daughters, but wishes that her oldest girls would visit home more often. Although, when they’re all together, she doesn’t always understand why everyone’s laughing so hard – it’s like they have their own secret Parker-language! :roll:


Age: Adult (53)

Traits: Genius, athletic, brave, no sense of humor, ambitious

Job: Law Enforcement: Vice Squad

Zodiac: Aries


Father: Mark Hayes (TS2)

Mother: Maria Hayes (TS2)

Siblings: Samantha, Joshua (twin), Amar, Jack, William

Children: Sophia, Lucia, Ofelia

Other family: seven nieces + one nephew – wow!

Best Friends: Joshua, Mary

Partner: Matthew (married)

Romance history: 

Jenna had real commitment issues when she was younger! she had lots of different boyfriends, but she always liked older guys (at university, she even dated her professor). In Matthew, she found the perfect old geezer :chuckle:

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