Jenny Woods



Jenny is a very friendly girl, who is liked by everyone. She loves to play with her friends and can spend hours at the playground! Although sometimes, she just sits and reads while everyone else is playing on the swings. She really wants a chipmunk she can name Bear :P


Age: Child (9)

Traits: Bookworm, friendly, animal lover

Job: Student in school

Zodiac: Capricorn


Father: Ben Woods

Mother: Clara Woods

Siblings: Jasper, Jonas

Other family: SophiaLuciaOfelia (aunts), Madeleine (cousin)

Best Friends: Celia Hayes, Park Laurent

Pets: Bubbles


Bonus picture

Okay, so Jenny doesn’t really look that much like her Sims 2 self, but she was so cute as a toddler!


7 comments on “Jenny Woods
  1. Sandy says:

    AAAAAAWWWWW!!!! :grouphug2: Jenny-love!!!! She’s too cute for words! :heartpump:

  2. Tedhi says:

    :tearyeyes: JEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYY!!! :wave: Hejsa! :wave: Hejsa! :wave:
    LOL I adore that first shot! She looks so adorable (well she always looks adorable IMO :heartpump: :grouphug2: :heartpump: ) and she has the best headband ever :clap: !
    Well it’s not a chipmunk and I don’t know if there will be room for it in her…’Dining Room’ (:whistle: ) but at least it’s called ‘Bear’, so here for her => :hugs: …sneaking in a second one :hugs: ;)

  3. LAURABCN says:

    Hey, for how long have this cute little individual pages for each member of the family been here? Is the kind of thing I should be getting an email notification for? Because I didn’t get any. :hmm:
    Anyway, this little girl is too cute and lovely! :heartpump: :kiss: Made me realize that I need a cute girly girl in my town. :nod: And, oh, the chipmunk bit! :D You know, I have a family that have almost a plague of them in their garden! Maybe they should send her one. :chuckle:

    • Sara says:

      Ohhh Laura, they have been here all the time :chuckle: Maybe it’s not too obvious that you can click their names? :thinking:

      :clap: Ooooooh, yes, Jenny would LOVE a chipmunk from your family’s garden :lol:

  4. Laurabcn says:

    Well, as promised… :P I bring you SQUIRREL!
    Alex (who is a teen jock) captured it. Oh, and his nerdy twin insisted that I’d let you know he helped too.
    I told them not to get very fond of it (the boys have no idea if it’s a he or a she, so let’s hope Jenny knows better!) as they weren’t going to keep it, but I think they are a bit hesitant to let the chipmunk go. They said it got along very well with Tickles, their hamster. :pardon:
    Pictures! Of the squirrel before being captured, of Alex playing with the squirrel, and of other squirrels who are in the garden. Just in case Jenny likes another one better, so she knows there are more to pick from.

    There it is. :D Hope your sim doesn’t mind it’s been fondled and kissed by a teen boy.

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