Jonas Woods



Jonas is a cute little toddler! His mom feels like she has her hands full with three kids, so it’s a good thing he’s a quick learner. He is the most happy when he can spend time with his friend, Lucas.


Age: Toddler (4)

Traits: Genius, friendly

Job: Being a cute toddler

Zodiac: Cancer


Father: Ben Woods

Mother: Clara Woods

Siblings: JasperJenny

Other family: Sophia, Lucia, Ofelia (aunts), Madeleine (cousin)

Best Friends: Lucas Fox

Pets: Bubbles

One comment on “Jonas Woods
  1. LAURABCN says:

    “Job: being a cute toddler” Bwahahaha! :rofl: Indeed, he does that job very well! :heartpump: And wow, friendly and a genious? He’s off to a great start in sim-life.

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