Joshua Hayes


Joshua has always been an active guy, who always has some sort of project going. He completely renovated the family’s house some years back, he took up gardening and has one of the most impressive gardens in Bimlico, and his latest project was installing a swimming pool.

Joshua and Mary never planned on having children, but Maria was exactly who made their family complete. Joshua adores his daughter; he named after his mother (although she isn’t likely to carry on the Hayes-legacy :giggle: ).


Age: Adult (53)

Traits: Handy, green thumb, friendly, loner, loves the outdoors

Job: Science: Genetic resequencer

Zodiac: Aries


Father: Mark Hayes (TS2)

Mother: Maria Hayes (TS2)

Siblings: Samantha Hayes, Jenna Parker (twin), Amar Hayes, Jack Hayes, William Hayes

Children: Maria

Other family: TEN Hayes-nieces! One Hayes-nephew! (I’m to lazy to write out all their names :chuckle: )

Best Friends: Mary, Jenna

Partner: Mary (married)

Romance history:

Joshua has been together with Mary for as long as he can remember.

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