Julia Morin



Julia feels like her life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride so far, so she’s very happy to finally feel really settled down and comfortable. Her career is going really well (like her brother, she’s good at writing), her house is full of kids, and she finally met the right man for her – life is good! Although she didn’t expect to have so many teenagers in the house at such a young age – and boy, those teenagers can be exhausting – she really enjoys having such a big family. And now, with a little baby girl too, she couldn’t be happier! :sigh:


Age: Young adult (39)

Traits: Genius, bookworm, light sleeper, easily impressed, family-oriented

Job: Journalism: Lead reporter

Zodiac: Cancer


Father: Nate Fox

Mother: Samantha Fox

Siblings: Maya Fox, Oscar Fox (twin), Ava Fox

Children: Etienne, Camille, Justine

Other family: A number of Hayes-aunts and uncles, Lucas, Porter (nephews), Portia (niece)

Best Friends: Oscar Fox

Partner: James (married)

Romance history:

Julia was always popular in high school, and was the first of her friends to have a steady boyfriend. She went to a different university than her friends, and here she met so many new people – and cute guys! In her final year, she was swept off her feet by a seducing French guest-lecturer and she eventually followed him to France, where they got married and had the twins. It didn’t work out though… He slept with the nanny! :pardon:

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