Lindsay Rudin


Lindsay is a bitter woman! She doesn’t have a lot of friends, and she certainly doesn’t have a boyfriend or a husband. Just before going to college, she shared her first kiss with her best friend, Amar, but where he did it just to say that he’d kissed a girl, Lindsay did it because she was secretly in love with him. She thought he might change his mind in time, but too late she realised that he was never going to return her feelings. She abandoned all hope of finding love, and instead devoted everything to her career. She remains close friends with Amar, who till this day hasn’t got a clue about how Lindsay really feels.

She adopted Joseph because her very traditional parents kept asking her when she was going to get married.


Age: Adult (47)

Traits: Genius, unlucky, grumpy, unflirty, workaholic

Job: Medical: Infectious disease researcher

Zodiac: Gemini


Father: Alan Rudin (TS2)

Mother: Lily Rudin (TS2)

Siblings: Zach & David (both TS2), Mary Hayes

Children: Joseph (adopted)

Other family: Maria (niece), Mike, Nicholas (nephews)

Best Friends: Amar Hayes

Partner: single

Romance history:

Since that fateful first kiss, Lindsay has not been able to develop any romantic interest in anyone new. Her love is medicine.

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