Lisa Wang


Lisa loves fashion! All her life she has dreamt of becoming a designer, and now she finally has her own boutique where she can both sell her own creations, and help the simmies of Bimlico find their personal style. Personally, she has a very minimalistic style, and usually sticks with black – that’s classic!

She never thought she’d be a mom, but after she got together with Mike, her life completely changed and she could suddenly picture herself having a family. So she proposed to Mike, and soon after, they had Remy.


Age: Adult (48)

Traits: Artistic, neat, charismatic, vegetarian, workaholic

Job: Stylist

Zodiac: Libra


Children: Remy

Best Friends: Jane Barton, Tyla Hayes

Partner: Mike (married)

Romance history:

Lisa was actually dating Jack Hayes for more than ten years! But their relationship never really moved on from dating to something more serious. They both realised, and at the same time, that they were meant to be with other people.

Lisa met Mike when he was only 17 and moved into her building. They became good friends, but she didn’t feel attracted to him at all. When he left a few years later to go to culinary school, Lisa really missed him, and she realised that her feelings towards him were romantic.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Aw, yes, Lisa!!! She’s so beautiful and classy! I love her style, very “design”! I’m rushing to her boutique right now!

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