Lucia Parker


Most of the time, you’ll find Lucia on a high – she’s almost always happy or excited about something, but she can turn around and suddenly be really outraged at something! Now you know.

She’s always been interested in science, and really felt like Medicine was her calling! She’s not sure what she’ll use her degree for… something exciting!! She’s not as much of a party animal as her sister, but she really likes it when Sophia throws parties. It gives her a great opportunity to meet new sims. Lucia isn’t afraid of doing a keg stand or two – she can be really goofy, and is not afraid of making a bit of a fool of herself (Sophia feels mortified when she does… which makes Lucia do even crazier things!). She really loves to make people laugh!

Lucia loves the colour yellow and planted lots of sunflowers in their garden when she first moved in with Sophia.

Age: Young adult (24)

Traits: Bookworm, excitable, inappropriate, good sense of humor, adventurous

Job: Student: Bachelor degree in Medicine

Zodiac: Scorpio


Matthew Parker

Mother: Jenna Parker

Siblings: Clara (half-sibling), SophiaOfelia

Other family: Several aunts and uncles, and cousins, like Ava!

Best Friends: Sophia

Partner: Jacob (boyfriend)

Romance history:

Lucia hasn’t had a serious boyfriend yet. She hasn’t really been on any dates yet. Okay, she’s never actually kissed a boy!! Sometimes, she dreams about having a handsome boyfriend, but she’s more into her studies… Sort of…

— During New Year’s Eve, year 2, Lucia had a brief romance with Malcolm, but she wasn’t really that crazy about him… Then she met Jacob, and fell completely in love! Read about all of that here and here.

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