Madeleine Fox-Brown



Madeleine’s goal is to excel within her work life. She puts all her energy into her career, and dreams of one day becoming the mayor of Bimlico. She is so serious about her career that she was often very annoyed with her ex-husband, Oscar, who was very unambitious. They were recently divorced.

Madeleine’s mom was only 17 when she had her, so Madeleine was raised by her grandfather Ray for the first few years of her life while her mother went to university. She has always been afraid turning out like her mom, so she was glad that when she unexpectedly became pregnant she was 27 and not 17! Also, it seemed like good timing, because right now, she certainly wouldn’t be able to take time off to have a kid! Sometimes she does feel bad about not spending a lot of time with Lucas.


Age: Young Adult (32)

Traits: Genius, neat, charismatic, workaholic, frugal

Job: Politics: City Council Member

Zodiac: Gemini


Father: Jay Sibara (TS2)

Mother: Alison Brown (TS2)

Siblings: Ella Garcia (half-sibling) (TS2)

Children: Lucas

Other family: Ray (grandfather)

Best Friends: Ryan Stanton (Her classmate from uni. Maybe now they’re more competitors than friends….)

Partner: single (divorced)

Romance history:

Madeleine dated Dylan Price for some time in uni, but it ended when he cheated on her. Madeleine felt a little relieved – now she could completely devote herself to her studies! When she first met Oscar, she wasn’t really interested, but he finally won her over with his love letters and romantic surprises.

In February, year 3, Madeleine and Oscar were divorced. These to were simply too incompatible with many conflicting traits like Good/Frugal – Absent-minded/Ambitious. Read about it here.


Bonus picture:

Here’s Madeleine in her Sims 2-version!


2 comments on “Madeleine Fox-Brown
  1. Sandy says:

    Ray’s grand-daughter who would be the mayor of Bimlico! :confetti: It’s the cops who have arrested Ray during his criminal youth who must laugh! :lol:
    She looks so serious and devoted to her career! :pinkcheer:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Oh Madeleine the career woman! I hope she’ll make it to mayor, I bet she’ll be very good at that! :heart:

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