Oscar noticed how Lucas wasn’t very social with other kids (other than Jonas), so he thought that getting a dog might be a good idea! When he discussed this with Madeleine, she might not really have been listening, because she seemed so surprised when he brought home Maisy!

Maisy loves little Lucas! She is quite shy, and gets scared easily, but she loves to play so they’re the perfect match!


(Maisy is of course my friend Sonia‘s famous dog! I thought she was perfect for this family, so I got her here)


Age: Adult (4)

Traits: Shy, skittish, playful

Owner: Oscar & Lucas

2 comments on “Maisy
  1. Sandy says:

    MAISY!!!! :grouphug2: You live there, sweetie!!! :tearyeyes: Awwww!!!!! :hugs: :hugs:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    MAISY!!!!!!! :grouphug2: I’m so happy to see good old Maisy again! :sigh:

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