Marcel Laurent



Marcel is very laid-back. He’s passionate about the environment, and he loves to help other people. When he and Penny bought their new home, he immediately got the idea to start a daycare in the old barn building! He loves this job, and thinks it’s so important that the little ones spend a lot of time outside in the nature so they can learn to appreciate its wonders.


Age: Adult (45)

Traits: Green thumb, flirty, friendly, eco-friendly, family-oriented

Job: Self-employed: Daycare

Zodiac: Capricorn


Children: Park, Moon (adopted)

Best Friends: Eli Barton

Partner: Penny (married)

Romance history:

Marcel loves to flirt, and he has probably broken many hearts. He’d never been in love before he met Penny, though! She was beautiful, fearless and interesting! And she continues to be just so!

Pets: Lottie

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