Marcie Harrison


Marcie is nothing like the rest of her artistic and academic family. She likes computers, TV and dogs :nod: She is very impulsive and disorganised, but she makes friends very easily: She’s good at making other sims feel comfortable. She knows she takes after her mother that way, and she often misses her a lot. But she’s very excited to be living in Bimlico now: New place, new friends, close to her cousins :yahoo:

Age: Teen (17)

Traits: Computer whiz, good sense of humour, dog person, slob

Job: Student at high school

Zodiac: Virgo


Father: Evan Harrison

Mother: Tracy Harrison (RIP)

Siblings: MalcolmMiles

Other family: Seth & Silas (cousins), Mia (aunt), Prof. Charles (uncle)

Best Friends: 

Partner: Etienne (boyfriend)

Romance history: 
Marcie has never had a boyfriend, but she would like one! Bimlico had some pretty cool guys her age :heybaby: Especially Etienne! He asked her to be his girlfriend :yahoo:

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