Maria Hayes


Maria is all rock ‘n roll!! She lives and breathes music, and of course dreams of becoming a Rock Star! She has never dreamt about getting married or having children – in fact, she really doesn’t feel comfortable around them, which is a little unfortunate since all her friends have started having kids. (“I hope they don’t make me babysit!!!). Despite her dislike for children, she didn’t like how her friends were treating Blake, so now the girl lives with Maria.

She throws parties at her apartment as often as possible, and they always include extremely loud music, lots of drinks, dancing, and of course a little concert!

Maria loves Batman! :giggle:


Age: Young Adult (31)

Traits: Virtuoso, artistic, dislikes children, rebellious, party animal

Job: Used to be in a band (the batmen) with Eli Barton. Now, she’s on her own. She gives music lessons to Bimlico’s residents as well.

Zodiac: Leo


Father: Joshua Hayes

Mother: Mary Hayes

Children: Bruce Wayne?

Other family: Many aunts, uncles and cousins

Best Friends: Olivia Stanton, Erica Livingston

Partner: Anthony (boyfriend)

Romance history:

Maria was dating Ron in high school and at university, but she didn’t think he was good enough at the drums (that, and he liked Alicia better). After that, she was dating some random townie, but it turned out he didn’t play any instruments at all!! :shock: She used to secretly see/hook up with Dylan even though she’s not happy to admit it (He’s really not her type, way to “pop” and not “rock” at all!!).
When Anthony, the hot fireman, moved in to the apartment downstair, something happened to Maria. For the first time ever, she fell in love… with someone who doesn’t play an instrument… at all!! :shock:

Pets: Bruce Wayne, Boulette

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  1. Sandy says:

    This girl rocks! She will put the Sandy Valley festival into FIRE! :girldance:

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