Mary Hayes


Mary cannot sit still! She is always working out, doing stuff around the house, taking a swim in the new swimming pool… She does like to chill out in front of the TV from time to time – but only if there’s a game on! She’s pretty shy, so she doesn’t have many friends. Her sister-in-law, Jenna, is her childhood friend and confidant.

The idea of having children never appealed to Mary, but one risky woohoo led to another, and when she became pregnant with Maria, she was thrilled! Maria and Joshua are her everything!


Age: Adult (51)

Traits: Computer whiz, athletic, shy, easily impressed, loves the outdoors

Job: Law enforcement: Crime scene technician

Zodiac: Aquarius


Father: Alan Rudin (TS2)

Mother: Lily Rudin (TS2)

Siblings: Zach & David Rudin (TS2), Lindsay Rudin

Children: Maria

Other family: Mike R, Nicholas, Joseph  (nephews)

Best Friends: Joshua, Jenna Parker

Partner: Joshua (married)

Romance history:

Mary only ever had eyes for Joshua!

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