Matthew Parker


Everyone loves Matthew! He’s always ready with a helping hand if something needs done (and he loves to fix things around the house – under strict instructions from Jenna :lol:  ), or a funny remark if someone needs cheering up! With four daughters, he’s a real family man even though that’s not where he thought he would end up. He loves all his girls, and he is so proud to be a grandpa to three lovely kids. And they live right across the street so he can visit whenever he wants! :yahoo: He’s a little apprehensive about what it’ll be like when Ofelia leaves home in a few years (maybe he can convince her to live at home while studying? Uni is so close!)… :hmm: But on the other hand – he’ll have lots of time alone with his darling wife :heybaby:


Age: Elder (68)

Traits: Handy, lucky, good sense of humor, loves the outdoors, family-oriented

Job: Retired (Lieutenant)

Zodiac: Aquarius


Children: Clara, Sophia, Lucia, Ofelia

Other family: Jasper, Jenny, Jonas (grandchildren)

Best Friends: Charles Day

Partner: Jenna (married)

Romance history:

Matthew got married to Clara’s mother quite young, but the relationship didn’t work out and Matthew raised Clara on his own. His luck seemed to change after that, however, since he managed to charm his way into the heart of the new, young and hot policewoman, Jenna :heart: He never saw himself a a family man, but that is exactly what he’s become!

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