Maya Fox


Maya always dreamt of becoming a writer, and she really succeeded when her last novel became a big hit! She has a gift of making other people laugh and feel good. She has a lot of friends (Fred hides when they come over), but Clara Woods is her oldest friend.

When she got married to Fred, she chose to keep her last name, both because she had done some writing under that name, but also because she feels attached to her name. Maya’s dad, Nate, was only 22 and at university when she was born, and he got sole custody right after her birth. Her biological mother came from an esteemed family, and a scandal such as this was not accepted! So Maya never knew her mother, but she never lacked a mother figure. She grew up at the university with her dad’s female roommate, and when he met Samantha Hayes, Maya got herself a real mother, and Samantha eventually adopted Maya!


Age: Adult (43)

Traits: Artistic, bookworm, good sense of humor, charismatic, good

Job: Self-employed: Writer

Zodiac: Taurus


Father: Nate Fox

Mother: Samantha Hayes (adopted)

Siblings: Julia Morin, Oscar Fox, Ava Fox (half-siblings)

Children: Porter, Portia

Other family: Aunts and uncles, Camille, Justine (nieces), Etienne, Lucas (nephews)

Best Friends: Clara Woods

Partner: Fred (married)

Romance history:

Maya was always popular with the guys! She was the first of her friends to get a boyfriend, and at university, she dated a few guys as well. But not until Fred did she have a serious and committed relationship.

Pets: Pongo

2 comments on “Maya Fox
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    Ohh, Maya had such an interesting life!! I can see why she was popular with the guys, she’s a hottie!

  2. Sandy says:

    I had all kind of interesting things to say about Maya (I think… :thinking: ), but then, somehow, I made a fixation on her shoes, and I can’t think about anything else! :pardon: These shoes are so CUTE! As cute as a bike shop! :sigh:

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