Melanie Hayes



Melanie is perceived by some sims as a bit of a weirdo. She bursts into uncontrollable laughter at the worst times, and seems to love the playground as much as any 5-year-old. Kids and youngsters love her, though, and that’s why she’d the perfect sim to run a riding school! She loves horses, and nothing makes her more happy than to see other simmies love horses too! Despite their many differences, Melanie became very close friends with Mia Day when their children started spending a lot of time together.


Age: Adult (45)

Traits: Excitable, brave, inappropriate, childish, equestrian

Job: Horsewoman

Zodiac: Pisces


Children: Daria, Molly

Best Friends: Mia Day

Partner: Amar (married)

Romance history:

When Melanie met Amar at uni, she knew she’d found her soul mate! All past romances were completely forgotten!

Pets: BabarButterRaven

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