Mia Day


Mia loves to work! She was always very ambitious, and she does her best with everything she gets involved with. She’d made a whole plan of what her life would be like, but all this had to change when she met Charles, who at first wasn’t exactly her dream man (except for the fact that he might be able to help her advance in her career, him being a professor and all! :cheesy: ). They had the twins, which put Mia’s career on hold, but now she is back on track and will soon be a professor like she always wanted… Wait, that’s not possible in TS3?! :facepalm: She’s going for District Superintendent then!!!


Age: Adult (44)

Traits: Artistic, neat, charismatic, ambitious, workaholic

Job: Education: Department head

Zodiac: Aquarius


Children: Seth & Silas

Siblings: Evan Harrison

Other family: Malcolm, Miles (nephews), Marcie (niece)

Best Friends: Melanie Hayes

Partner: Charles (married)

Romance history:

Mia was never that interested in chasing after boys. When she was at university, she went with her friends to parties, but always left early to study. But in her junior year, she got a professor who was SO smart and SO charming, and Mia totally idolized him and fell in love head over heels! They had a secret affair until Mia graduated. They didn’t see each other for a few years after that, but when they randomly met again, their feelings were still there, and they decided to try a serious relationship – the rest is history! :heart:

5 comments on “Mia Day
  1. Sandy says:

    :heart: @ their romance history. Awww… :sigh:

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    :sigh: It’s beautiful. I want a love like that. :heart:

  3. Kate says:

    Awww… Going on a secret date wearing coat and hat… It’s incredibly cute :sigh:

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