Mike Lewis



Mike loves to cook! He has many friends, and he loves to throw dinner parties where he can test his new recipes. He can spend hours in the kitchen perfecting a dish, and now that Remy is a little older, he wants to involve her – maybe she’ll be interested in cooking too!

But life hasn’t always been all about finding the perfect key lime pie recipe. Mike didn’t always know he wanted to be a chef, but he always knew he didn’t want to go to university like the rest of his friends. This was a decision his mother didn’t agree on, and they had a falling out which meant that Mike moved away from home as a teen to prove to his mom that he could manage on his own. Today, their relationship is good again, even though his mom might still wish that Mike had become a doctor like the rest of the family.


Age: Adult (40)

Traits: Natural cook, brave, lucky, good sense of humor, perfectionist

Job: Culinary: Executive Chef at M

Zodiac: Sagittarius


Father: Christian Lewis (TS2)

Mother: Hannah Brown

Siblings: Jesse Lewis (TS2)

Children: Remy

Best Friends: James Reed, Anthony Greene

Partner: Lisa (married)

Romance history:

Mike had a steady girlfriend in high school, and he was very much in love with her. But when she and all his friends went away to university, and he went to culinary school, their relationship didn’t work out. But by then, he had started feeling differently towards his up-stairs neighbour, and he couldn’t wait to see her again! (The neighbour was bof course Lisa ;) )

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